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We are Walking the Walk of Righteousness (pt.1) I John 2:29-3:24 11/10/2019 Dr. Rich McCarrell
Forever Be Sure Concert 11/10/2019 Forever Be Sure
The Scarlet Thread 11/03/2019 Dr. Rich McCarrell
The 10 (pt.4) 11/03/2019 Dr. Rich McCarrell
2019 Missions Conference - SUN AM 10/27/2019 Roger Peterson
2019 Missions Conference - THUR PM 10/24/2019 Jerry Glass
2019 Missions Conference - WED PM 10/23/2019 Todd Witters
That the World May See Him John 12:44-46, Matthew 5:14-16 10/20/2019 Andy Girwarnauth
The Walk of Expectation I John 3:1-3 10/13/2019 Dr. Rich McCarrell
Are You Old or New? 10/06/2019 Pastor Chuck Steiner
The Good Samaritan 10/06/2019 Pastor Mike McClish
Humbly Living Together Philippians 2:1-11 09/22/2019 Pastor Michael McClish
The Overcoming Walk of Fellowship 09/15/2019 Dr. Rich McCarrell
The Ten (Pt.3) 09/15/2019 Dr. Rich McCarrell
Expression of Fellowship 09/08/2019 Dr. Rich McCarrell
The Blessed Hope of the Redeemed I Thessalonians 4:13-18 09/08/2019 Pastor Ron Tuinstra
Maintenance of Fellowship I John 1:8 - 2:2 09/01/2019 Dr. Rich McCarrell
The Forensics of Fellowship 08/25/2019 Dr. Rich McCarrell
The God of Abundant Blessings Ephesians 3 08/25/2019 Pastor Ron Tuinstra
What's the Big Deal? 08/18/2019 Dr. Rich McCarrell