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Concert of Praise: Heritage Singers from Maranatha Baptist Bible College 05/19/2013 Heritage Singers from Maranatha Baptist Bible College
Andy Girwarnauth - No Surrender, No Retreat: Just Witnesses of the Fact Acts 2:14-40 10/25/2015 Andy Girwarnauth
Let Nothing Hinder You Romans 15:14-22 07/23/2017 Andy Girwarnauth
That the World May See Him John 12:44-46, Matthew 5:14-16 10/20/2019 Andy Girwarnauth
A Report and Challenge from God's Word Various 10/30/2011 Andy Girwarnauth, Guyana
Celebrate the Gift 12/13/2009 Annual Sunday School Christmas Program
Encounter Revival Ministries Concert 10/27/2013 Ardy Parlin
Choosing the Right Path, It Does Make a Difference Proverbs 4:23-27, Matthew 7:24-28 10/27/2013 Ardy Parlin
The Night of the Father's Love Various 12/19/2010 BCBC Adult Choir
Christmas Choir Concert - Morning Star 12/20/2009 BCBC Choir
Christmas: More Than Just a Word-Sunday School Christmas Program 12/19/2010 BCBC Sunday School
IFCA Youth Convention Report 07/05/2009 BCBC Youth
IFCA Youth Convention Report 06/27/2010 BCBC Youth
Creation Series (pt.1) = Genesis: Where History Begins 06/04/2016 Bob Gillespie
Creation Series (pt.2) = Science Confirms the Bible 06/04/2016 Bob Gillespie
Creation Series (pt.3) = Genesis: Does It Really Matter? 06/05/2016 Bob Gillespie
Creation Series (pt.4) = Dinosaurs and Dragons: In the Bible? 06/05/2016 Bob Gillespie
Report from Bob Pycraft (AWANA W.Michigan) 10/27/2013 Bob Pycraft
Expanding the Comprehension of God's Glory Psalm 145 07/14/2019 Brian Dix
An Evening Of Sharing: from The Word--The Congo--Zambia--BCBC Drama Team 05/15/2011 Byron Center Bible Church