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Evangelism: Question & Answer 04/26/2009 Dr. Larry Moyer
Freedom 07/05/2009 Dr. Rich McCarrell
IFCA Youth Convention Report 07/05/2009 BCBC Youth
In Response to the Great Commision-Praying for BCBC 07/19/2009 Dr. Rich McCarrell
Sunday School ~ An Empty Tradition or an Effective Tool 09/06/2009 Dr. Rich McCarrell
Installation Service for Pastor Travis Huseby 09/06/2009 Pastor Giles Litzner / Mr. Michael Huseby
Dr. Bob Provost-President, SGA 09/13/2009 Dr. Bob Provost
The Lord Never Panics 09/20/2009 Dr. Rich McCarrell
Fellowship 09/27/2009 Dr. Rich McCarrell
Baptismal Service 09/27/2009 Dr. Rich McCarrell
The Lord Never Panics (Pt. 4) 10/11/2009 Dr. Rich McCarrell
Encounter Revival Ministries 10/25/2009 Encounter Revival Ministries
Celebrate the Gift 12/13/2009 Annual Sunday School Christmas Program
Christmas Choir Concert - Morning Star 12/20/2009 BCBC Choir
IFCA Reports 03/21/2010 Dr. Les Lofquist, Rev. Travis Huseby
Celebrating The Risen Lord around The Lord's Table 04/04/2010 Dr. Les Lofquist
A Devotional Story of Love and Grace 05/09/2010 Dr. Rich McCarrell
Celebrating the Lord's Supper / Testimony Service 06/06/2010 Dr. Rich McCarrell
Pastor Subash Muthyala 06/13/2010 Pastor Subash Muthyala
IFCA Youth Convention Report 06/27/2010 BCBC Youth