Israel at 70

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Dr. Rich McCarrell
Sunday, May 27, 2018

Israel at 70 . . . what it means

It Means:

1.  God established the presence of a National P_________________


2.  God-given P_________________



3.  God-given P_________________



4.  God-given P_________________



5.   God-given P_________________



6.   God-given P_________________



7.   God-given P_________________


English Lyrics for the Song "Al Kol Eleh" played at the end of Pastor McCarrell's message. 

To celebrate israel's 70th Independence Day. Koolulam invited 12,000 people who hadn't met before to sing together in a special event with the artist Shlomi Shabat, accompanied by the Jerusalem Street Orchestra, in collabaration with the Office of the President, the Ministry for Social Equality, and the Tel Aviv-Yafo municipality.

Every bee that brings the honey
Needs a sting to be complete
And we all must learn to taste the bitter with the sweet.

Keep, oh Lord, the fire burning
Through the night and through the day
For the man who is returning
from so far away.

Don't uproot what has been planted
So our bounty may increase
Let our dearest wish be granted:
Bring us peace, oh bring us peace.
For the sake of all these things, Lord,
Let your mercy be complete
Bless the sting and bless the honey
Bless the bitter and the sweet.

Save the houses that we live in
The small fences and the wall
From the sudden war-like thunder
May you save them all.

Guard what little I’ve been given
Guard the hill my child might climb
Let the fruit that’s yet to ripen
Not be plucked before its time.

As the wind makes rustling night sounds
And a star falls in its arc
All my dreams and my desires
Form crystal shapes out of the dark.

Guard for me, oh Lord, these treasures
All my friends keep safe and strong,
Guard the stillness, guard the weeping,
And above all, guard this song.