Walk Of Peace #9-Peace In Our Homes Pt.3

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Dr. Rich McCarrell
Sunday, April 22, 2018
Ephesians 5:18-6:9

Paul’s 4 Prayer Requests (concludes chs. 1-3) 3:14-19

- (should be ours) -

1) Submitted to the Spirits strength (v. 16)

2) Submitted to Fellowship with the Lord Christ (v. 17)

3) Submitted to the Knowledge and Practice of Christ’s Love (v. 18)

4) Saturated/Satisfied with God (v. 19) (vv. 20-21)


 Walk # 9   “The Walk of Peace”   Eph. 5:18-6:9

At peace with self (5:18-21)

At peace with your husband (5:22-24)

At peace with your wife (5:25-33)

At peace in our homes (6:1-4)


 The Pattern

* Luke 2:51-52 (Intellectually/Physical/Spiritual/Social)


The Principles

* Directive

“Parents” - (4a)


* Definition

“To enrage with frustration” - speaks of passive or abusive parenting. The extremes of dominance or neglect.

“Will” - strongest part of our being. Needs redirection and remolded into the will of God. (5:18) Holy Spirit breaks and remolds in partnership with us.

“Spirit” - most fragile part of our being. Needs to be protected and nourished.


* Guidelines:

4b - Rules without Reason or Relationship

4c - Bring them up -TREE !