The Mystery

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Pastor Travis Huseby
Sunday, April 30, 2017
Ephesians 3:1-12


1. The ______________ was ______________for ______________.



2. The _________________  was ______________ to the ______________ and ______________

a. The _____________  is not the mystery.

b.  The _____________  is the mystery.

c. The church  is the __________________   of the  Gospel .



3. The ________________  was ________________ before the _________________ of the ___________.


   a.  “____________” helps us see that it was ________________ the ________________.

b. The gospel that ____________ the Church is not a ______________ or ___________________  of them as God’s ________________ people.



The following information was used as a powerpoint with Pastor Huseby’s message.


1. When did you first hear the gospel?


2. What are the different “ages” that we see in the Scriptures?


3. What is the age of grace all about?


4. Have you placed your faith in Jesus?


1:4 – The plan was always for Christ to come and provide the means for forgiveness of sin

1:7 – In Christ we have redemption 

1:9-10 – The mystery of the gospel was made known in Christ

1:13 – Trust in Christ, and Sealed by the Spirit

1:22 – God the Father placed all things under Jesus’ feet

2:4 – BUT GOD who is rich in mercy, loved us with HIS OWN love

2:8 – Salvation has come through Grace and not works 

2:13-14 – Christ brought peace between Jew and Gentile

2:15 – The gospel brought reconciliation between all mankind and God

2:21 – The gospel has built a “Church” God’s building


1.The mystery was hidden for centuries.

It was hinted at in the Garden (Gen. 3:15)

It was pictured in the Sacrificial system

It was culminated in Christ

It was revealed to the Apostles & prophets

to be taught the world building the Church.


2) The mystery was revealed to the Apostles & Prophets.

- The Church is not the mystery.

- The gospel is the mystery

- The church is the product of the gospel (The mystery)


3) The mystery was foreordained before the foundation of the World.

- “Hidden” helps us to see that it was always the plan.

-The gospel that created the Church is not a rejection of Israel or replacement of them as Gods National people.

-It simply makes the Church “Distinct” from Israel.