Gathered Around the Communion Table

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Dr. Rich McCarrell
Sunday, November 6, 2016

As I prepare to partake of the elements of the Lord’s Supper, in light of the instructions in 1 Corinthians to examine myself,             

I ask myself this morning:


1. Am I a true believer?

Faith alone in Christ alone



2.  Am I living by the Word of God in submission to the Holy Spirit?



3.  Am I currently in right relationship with others?



4.  Have I confessed all known sin of commission (doing what the Bible says not to do) and all sins of omission (not doing what the Bible commands to do)?



5. Am I remembering the cost Jesus paid for my salvation?



6. Am I practicing the “put off” - “put on” principle as taught in Ephesians 4 and directed by the Indwelling Holy Spirit?



Question to Ponder:

“And how must it feel at that moment beyond time, in a place beyond imagining, to learn for oneself the irrevocable verdict of eternity?”