Thriving Roots to Lasting Fruits - Chosen and Adopted (Pt.2)

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Pastor Chad DeYoung
Sunday, January 10, 2021
Ephesians 1:4-6

***PLEASE NOTE***Due to technical difficulties the file is not complete. The message stops before coming to the end. The words are filled in down below, but if you would like to watch the full sermon you can find it at Byron Center Bible Church - YouTube:


Central Idea:  God’s purpose in providing salvation is to demonstrate the magnificence of God’s grace given to sinful humanity. 



I. The_________________  v. 4


       A. God_________________Us


       B. _________________ of God’s Electing


       C.  Purpose of ________________           


II. The _________________v. 5


       A. God’s ____________________ 


       B.  Our ______________ 


       C.  Purpose of _________________


III. The_________________  v. 6


       A. That God be _____________ 


       B.  __GRACE____Demonstrated 


       C.   God’s  ___LOVE ____  Displayed