The Coming Messiah

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Pastor Ron Tuinstra
Sunday, December 20, 2020
Isaiah 53:1-3

Before us is the plan of God for the coming Messiah laid some over 600 years in advance of its fulfillment. On that first Christmas God's plan would begin to be carried out exactly as the Scriptures predicted.


I. The Arm of the Lord  Vs. 1

    A.  An Incomparable Plan  vs. 1a


    B.  An Incredible Power  vs. 1b



II. The Advent of the Lord Vs. 2

    A.   An Incarnation Proclaimed  vs.2a


    B.   An Ineffable Person  vs. 2b



III.  The Accommodation of the Lord  Vs. 3

    A.  An Indisposed People  vs. 3a


    B.  An Incessant Painfulness  vs.3b