Misplaced Trust (pt.3)

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Pastor Steve Johnson
Sunday, May 3, 2020
Luke 18:18-22

Part One: “The Futility of Trusting in Man for Justice”

Part Two: “The Fallacy of Trusting in Self.


Part three: “The Failure of Trusting in__________________ ”

I. HOW GOOD IS ___________________  __________________?

Rate yourself by the ____________  ______________________ .


II. WE ARE NOT AS _______________ AS WE _________________ WE ARE(Rom. 3:20).

God didn’t give us commandments to make us _____________________ .He gave them so we would clearly see our ___________________and _____________________.


III. HOW DO WE REALLY RECEIVE _____________________  ________________? (Rom. 10:9)

The issue is about where we place our __________________and find our _________________.