Victory In Jesus

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Pastor Steve Johnson
Sunday, March 15, 2020
I John 5:4-5

I. The Christian's Struggle With the World (4a)

A. The world operates contrary to God

"World" = The system of values that are temporal and human-centered

B. The world pulls us away from God.

II. The Christian's Victory Over the World (4b-5)

A. Every Christian is assured of victory.

1.We are "born of God".

2. We are overcomers by nature.

B. Victory is claimed by faith.

1. The object of faith is Jesus Christ.

2. How faith provides victory over the world:

a. By faith we cling to Christ in contempt of this world.

b. Faith draws us into love for God, and withdraws us from love for the world.

c. Faith sees the eternal home that is to come.