God's Work in God's Way

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Pastor Steve Johnson
Sunday, February 16, 2020
Exodus 2:11-15

Exodus 2:11-15

I. Beware of Motivation That Is More ___________ Than  ____________.

A. Our best ____________  can be ruined by an overly ____________ action.

B. Moses acted  ____________ , hastily, and                                   .


II. Beware of Trying to Do the ___________ of God in Your Own (Acts 7:22-23).

A. Moses was a man of  ____________   _____________.

B. God’s plans are not usually achieved by  ways _____________.


III. Understand That We May Be _____________  by the Very People We Are
     Trying to _____________ .

A. Moses experienced rejection because of his own _____________ .

B. _____  ______ rejection is the result of our foolish mistakes.

C. Reasons for rejection:

1. __________

2. __________________________ (Acts &:24-25)


IV. Understand That God Can Use Our _____________ to Equip Us for _____________   Service.

      A. There may be a long distance between the formation of a _____________

 and the right time to _____________.

B. Even apart from any failure of our own, we are subject to God’s

    _____________  in everything.