Clarifying Conundrum #1: When God Waits

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Rev. Chuck Steiner
Sunday, February 3, 2019
John 11;1-21
A quandary occurs for believer’s when God delays answering our urgent request in a dire circumstance. This passage gives insight from God’s perspective. We need to keep this text in mind when we experience the dilemma of God’s delay in our life‘s situations.

Three questions:

I. Why do bad things happen to good people?   11:1-5  


II. Where is God when you want and need Him?    11:6-7

    A. Scripture examples when God delays. Four lessons about  waiting

        1. The delay of God’s _______________ Gen. 12: 15: 16:17

        2. The delay of God’s _______________ Genesis 37-42

      3. The delay of God’s _______________ John 13:5-13; 21:15-18

      4. The delay of God’s _______________ Mark 5:21-42


   B. Several evident options                  

       1. He could have   _______________

       2. He could have   _______________


III. Why does God say “wait“? 11:11-15

   A. God’s delays His _______________ for a purpose   11:15     

   B.  God delays His _______________ for a purpose   2 Peter 3:9

       Do not miss the point…the delay…led to a greater miracle!


IV. What to do when God delays

   A. Revise your schedule: Pray Psalm 31:5

   B. Replace worry and doubt with hope and faith Matt. 6:25-32

   C. Remember God’s clock is not our clock    Psalm 37:5

   D. Remain confident in Him.    Proverbs 3:3-6


Attitude in waiting: ‘Confident expectation’.

Check these references:

Psalm 25:5; 37:7 & 34; Psalm 62:5-8; 130:5-6;  Lam. 3:25-26.